Teeth Whitening Brisbane

Let your smile shine bright

Cheers to brighter smiles

If you’re looking for a safe and simple solution to fix teeth stains, teeth whitening is the answer. There’s been a surge in popularity, especially among young adults, with the benefits of a stunning smile, improved confidence and reduced oral bacteria enticing many to give it a go.

What to expect

At Newstead Smiles, our teeth whitening Brisbane procedures are state of the art, using gels to penetrate deep layers of the tooth surface and produce results in just one visit. Appointments generally last an hour long and we recommend multiple visits depending on your desired whiteness.

Why see a dentist?

With so many over-the-counter options, it may leave you wondering why visiting a dentist is worth it? A dentist has the expertise to assess your unique oral health, perform a clean to remove any plaque or tartar and assign you a treatment that’s going to give long-lasting results. There’s also the added safety of having professional help which can avoid problems down the track.  If you have any concerns, you can easily contact us for personalised help and support. Contact us for teeth cleaning Brisbane wide.

At Newstead Smiles, we’ll help you shine bright

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