Dental Treatments & Procedures

Nitrous Oxide Laughing Gas
The Lowdown on Happy Gas for Dental Procedures 
Ever walked into a dental clinic feeling like you’re about to climb Mount Everest, nerves and all? You’re not alone! But here’s some good news for patients at our...
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Female Dentures
Exploring the Benefits and Process of Dentures
What are Dentures? Removable dental appliances, dentures are used to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue. Crafted to closely resemble your natural teeth, they can significantly...
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Dental Bridge
Understanding Dental Bridges: A Comprehensive Guide
What Are Dental Bridges? Dental bridges are a form of restorative dentistry used to replace missing teeth. They consist of one or more false teeth, known as pontics, which are held...
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Understanding Root Canals at Newstead Smiles
What is a Root Canal? Root canals may seem like an intimidating dental procedure, but at Newstead Smiles, we aim to put your worries at ease. A root canal is a treatment used to repair...
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How Exactly Does a Root Canal Work?
A root canal is a dental treatment that repairs a damaged or infected tooth. A child who still has primary teeth can easily have a damaged tooth removed – a new one will later...
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A Guide to Dental Bridges
Not only does a well-kept smile keep you looking happy and healthy, it is also important to your overall well-being. Your teeth are connected to every part of your body so taking...
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Cavity Treatment to Ensure the Health of Your Teeth
One thing you don’t want to hear when going to your dentist in Newstead for a simple check-up is that there’s a cavity within your teeth. It not only means more treatment...
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Your Guide to Invisalign: A Clear Alternative to Braces
If you’re looking for a Brisbane dental clinic that offers an alternative to traditional braces, Newstead Smiles can help. Our clinic provides Invisalign services that work as...
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