Dr Dawn Ng joined our team in early 2023, embarking on an exciting journey in dentistry. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge has made her a highly talented and skilled dentist.

With a background as a Clinical researcher in the field of Nutrition, Dr. Dawn possesses a deep understanding of the crucial role nutrition plays in maintaining a healthy human body. Her extensive knowledge spans various disciplines, holding an MSc and double major (honours) in Nutritional Sciences. 

Driven by a commitment to patient education, Dr. Dawn’s primary goal in her dental career is to empower her patients with informed choices during their treatment. She takes the time to ensure her patients genuinely understand and feel cared for, fostering a strong sense of trust and comfort. With her comprehensive understanding of the human body and its nutritional requirements, Dr. Dawn is well-equipped to answer any inquiries about optimising one’s diet for excellent oral health, providing valuable insights and guidance. 

Outside of her professional life, Dr. Dawn finds joy in spending quality time with her family and indulging in her passion for dancing. She recognises the importance of engaging in activities that contribute to her physical and overall well-being, always seeking enjoyable and fun ways to enhance her health and vitality. 

With Dr. Dawn Ng as your dentist, you can rest assured that you will receive exceptional care, expert guidance, and a warm and compassionate approach to dentistry. She strives to make every patient feel valued, educated, and supported throughout their dental journey.