Dr Emad Eyal Salman is the principal dentist and director of Newstead Smiles.

Emad graduated in Dentistry at the University of Jordan, completing his ADC upon arrival to Australia. Experiencing firsthand, his elder sister’s care, love and empathy for her patients as a dentist inspired Emad to make a career of dentistry. He too strives to provide his patients with the utmost exceptional and quality dental care.

He has provided dental care as a general dentist at private practices around Brisbane and is a fond member of the Australian Dental Association. With over 13 years’ experience in dentistry, Emad is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care and achieving outstanding dental treatment.

Eager and excited, Emad decided to take the leap and start the journey of opening his own practice, Newstead Smiles.

He strongly believes patients should have knowledge and options for their dental treatment. He is set out to educate and help each patient make informed and confident decisions about their dental health.

In addition to his work as a dentist, Emad is a dedicated cook. His meticulous style and passion for cooking, reveals his perfectionist nature. He enjoys exploring various styles of cuisine from cultures all over the world and strives to perfect them. He also enjoys staying fit and bush hiking adventures.