Dental emergencies are unavoidable at times. Your regular dental clinic or Brisbane dental clinic is here to help with any dental procedures or services you need to get rid of those toothaches for good. 

Today we’ll be going over the situations when you’ll need to go to an emergency clinic and when it can wait for your regular dentist. However, we want to reiterate that if you feel like you have a dental emergency, always consult with your regular dentist, who will distinguish the situation and provide you with the correct result for your pain. 

Things That Might Become Emergencies

If you’ve lost a filling, you could experience some pain or awkwardness while eating. If this is bothering you or has been going on for a while, you must get into contact with your dentist, who will be able to fix this pain and get you back to your usual self. If you happen to get some food caught in your lost filling, you’ll want to consider getting an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to ensure no further damage to your teeth or filling. 

A chipped tooth can be annoying and a bit painful. If you’re experiencing a level of pain or discomfort in the appearance of your chipped tooth, you can call your dentist for the closest appointment. When meeting with your dentist, they’ll be able to assess the damage of your tooth and apply the best method to reduce the pain and fix the appearance of your chipped tooth. In the meantime, avoid eating hard and crunchy food and sugary snacks and drinks that could damage the tooth further. If your damaged tooth is sensitive to temperature, you should also avoid overly hot and cold food and drink.

This same method should be used if you’re experiencing any tooth pains. While tooth pain can sometimes boil down to growth or moving pain (sometimes caused by wisdom teeth) your dentist will be able to correctly identify and treat the source of your pain. 

If you have any pain accompanied by other symptoms such as swelling, call your dentist as soon as you can. They’ll be able to find the source of this swelling and treat it. If you’re experiencing any pain in your teeth or gums and aren’t sure what to do, always call your dental clinic first. They will provide you with information and assess your pain to see if you need emergency treatment or just an appointment in the coming days. 

Most Common Dental Emergencies

A lost tooth that’s fallen out can become a severe dental emergency in adults if left untreated. If your tooth is still intact, your dentist may be able to reattach it if you’re seen within the hour, and your tooth is kept in good condition. 

Sudden swelling in your cheeks be a sign of an infection, which will need to be diagnosed correctly by your dentist. By visiting your dentist as soon as possible, they can determine the severity of this swelling and the steps and procedures that will need to be taken next. Until you can get into an emergency clinic or your regular dentist, you can try to reduce the swelling by icing the area. Keep your head upright as much as possible and avoid lying flat, even when sleeping, and drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

If you experience any bleeding, especially after a dental procedure, make sure to call your dental clinic as soon as possible. The team at your dentist will be able to identify the severity of your bleeding and stop it. If this bleeding not subsiding and your regular dentist isn’t available, you should contact an emergency clinic so they can assess the severity of your situation. In the meantime, try to keep your head elevated and apply pressure to the area. This will help control the bleeding until you are seen by an emergency dentist. 

At Newstead Smiles we will always work our best to treat you on the same day if you call us with an emergency or anything that may be concerning to you. If you have any questions as to what would fall under a dental emergency or if you want to ask any other questions about our dental services browse online here or chat to our team of smile experts. You are always welcome to visit us, we are the dentist under Bunnings in Newstead.