Not only does a well-kept smile keep you looking happy and healthy, it is also important to your overall well-being.

Your teeth are connected to every part of your body so taking great care of them is crucial to your wellbeing. We need teeth to cut and mix our food allowing the tongue to push it down for easy digestion and better gut health. Our gut health is linked to our immune health, heart health, brain health, healthy sleep and can even prevent certain autoimmune diseases and cancers. 

In this blog we will delve into why dental bridges are important to retain a healthy smile and how they work. For all the dental bridges Brisbane needs, Newstead Smiles have your teeth covered! 

What Are Dental Bridges?

As its name suggests, a dental bridge acts as a bridge between teeth. Working as a treatment for a missing tooth, it spans the gap within the teeth. It is an unremovable fixture that allows you to eat normally without any issues.

It is usually made from metal that is either precious or non-precious. It is fused with a tooth-coloured porcelain and some are even completely made from porcelain. 

How Are They Made?  

To support the bridge, dental crowns are placed on the surrounding teeth. The teeth are then pared down on both sides of the gap. Your dentist will then take an impression of the teeth to provide an accurate bridge. 

After the impression is sent to the lab to be made, your dentist will cement the completed bridge over the prepared teeth. They look natural and will be matched to your existing teeth for a seamless finish. 

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

Usually lasting around five to seven years, a dental bridge should be cared for just as your original teeth are. With good care and regular 6-month cleans, your dental bridges can last up to 10 years making for a sound investment to your overall well-being. 

Is Having a Dental Bridge Painful?

Just like any other dental procedure, you will be given some form of painkiller. In the case of bridges, you are given local anaesthetic. You often will not need any pain killers after the procedure.  

You may notice some sensitivity after a dental bridge has been installed but this is only temporary. You can chew with ease shortly after the procedure and it will feel as seamless as eating with your real teeth. 

Success with Newstead Smiles

Masters of the craft, at Newstead Smiles your dental bridge procedure will be completed with the utmost cafe. For any questions or queries regarding dental bridges, contact us today!