Root Canal Treatment Brisbane

Got pain? We get to the root of it.

Three words that get people feeling nervy

Root canal treatment – it’s a bit scary right! Our dental clinic uses modern equipment and surgery is carried out using a local anaesthetic to numb any pain during the Root Canal procedure, so you have nothing to fear at Newstead Smiles.

Get your flow back

Root canal treatments (RCT) are performed when the deep interior portion of the tooth – the pulp, where the tooth’s nerves and blood supply are located – becomes infected, decayed or damaged. Root canal therapy was developed to remove the pulp so the tooth can be preserved and avoid extraction.

Signs of Tooth Infection

Your body is naturally designed to fight infection, so if you have a tooth infection the symptoms often manifest as a toothache and the gums around the sore tooth become inflamed and swollen. Your body’s immune system will attempt to fight the infection but it is not always successful, which is why it’s important you consult a dentist as soon as you notice symptoms.

Comprehensive care and treatment

At Newstead Smiles, we focus on performing a comprehensive examination of your teeth to help spot issues at their earliest stages and treating them before problems arise. However, we bring the same care and attention to all patients and strive to develop a judgement-free zone focused on making you feel comfortable and confident. Contact us today for root canal treatment Brisbane wide.

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