The anxiety that comes with going to the dentist is prevalent for many. This can be unavoidable as it is often instilled in us when we are young by our parents or caregivers being scared by the dentist. This stigma surrounding dental visits is widespread but is often false. Dentists are very skilled in what they do and basic procedures and checkups rarely hurt. 

Whether you’re getting your teeth cleaned or you’re looking for the best teeth whitening Brisbane has to offer, Newstead Smiles ensures your comfortability is taken care of at our practice. 

What is Anxiety? 

Anxiety can vary from person to person but it often has similar signs. Heart palpitations, extreme sweating, crying, and feeling faint are often mild signs of anxiety. Panic attacks and aggressive behavior are higher levels of anxiety. These distressing symptoms can make going to the dentist difficult for those who experience anxiety. 

In this blog, we will explore the ways you can combat anxiety at the dentist and how you’re in safe hands at Newstead Smiles. 


Open communication with your dentist can make all the difference to your visit. Let your dentist know you are scared or anxious before you get in the chair. This helps them to communicate with you in a holistic manner. 

Your dentist will show you the tools they will be using and explain each part of the procedure to provide you with the knowledge of exactly what’s happening. Many dentists will instigate a hand signal to you to let them know you need a break. 


Some people with anxiety can be assisted with a little distraction. Many dentists and dental assistants will ask you questions about your life or talk to you during the procedure. This helps as a little distraction from what’s going on in your mouth. 

Bring some headphones to listen to your favorite podcast or calming music to help take your mind off the procedure. 

Bring A Friend 

Sometimes all you need is a little support! Bringing a friend with you to your appointment can aid as a distraction and also as a comfort. They can hold your hand or tell your stories during the procedure to let you know you are safe. 

If you don’t have a friend that can accompany you, maybe opt for a small soft toy or plushie that you can hold and squeeze for comfort. 

Newstead Smiles 

No matter the level of your qualms, just remember the dentist is not a scary place to be. Taking care of your teeth is essential and you’ll feel better after going. 

You’re in good hands with Newstead Smiles and we will ensure your visit is as carefree as possible. Contact us today for all your holistic dental needs or book in a teeth whitening appointment for a smile that’s brighter and happier.