Allow us to introduce Dr. Elaine Wu, a highly dedicated dental professional committed to providing exceptional dental services in Brisbane. 

Having arrived in Australia at a tender age, Dr Elaine spent her formative years in Brisbane and earned a dentistry degree from the esteemed University of Queensland in 2014. After dedicating several years to serving the community in Dalby, rural Queensland, Dr Elaine returned to Brisbane and now proudly considers it her cherished home. 

With a fervent passion for both general and cosmetic dentistry, Dr Elaine takes immense joy in witnessing the transformative effects of cosmetic procedures with special interest in sleep dentistry and Bruxism treatments, such as Masseter injections. The ability to help patients regain their confidence to smile and improve their overall quality of life brings Dr Elaine deep fulfillment. 

Beyond the realm of dentistry, Dr Elaine finds solace in the company of Mia, her beloved cat companion, and revels in savouring delectable cuisine. If you have any recommendations for exceptional restaurants or delightful cat videos to share, Dr Elaine is all ears, eagerly awaiting your suggestions.