Meet Lizzie, our extraordinary and highly efficient dental assistant. With a longstanding interest in the dental industry, Lizzie joined our team as an emergency fill-in, and it quickly became apparent that she would become an invaluable member of our staff.

Possessing excellent time management skills, Lizzie consistently delivers swift and high-quality results. 

Lizzie’s soft and gentle personality creates a comforting environment for our patients, putting them at ease during their visits. Her kind-hearted nature fosters positive relationships among all staff members, making her a beloved presence in our workplace. Lizzie’s infectious laughter has the remarkable ability to uplift the team spirit and bring joy to the entire office. 

Currently studying IT at QUT, Lizzie aspires to secure a promising future. Outside of work and studies, she indulges in shopping adventures and relishes the pleasure of savouring delicious foods. Lizzie’s diverse interests and vibrant personality contribute to the vibrant tapestry of our team.