Nena embarked on her dental traineeship journey with us in 2022, driven by her desire for a meaningful career change. Driven by a longing for a profoundly fulfilling career, she sought change. 

From the start, she wholeheartedly embraced her new role and displayed remarkable adaptability. Swiftly progressing, she became a qualified dental assistant and found immense joy in her chosen career path. 

Nena’s exceptional performance led her to surpass her initial role, and she now holds the esteemed position of senior dental assistant. Her compassionate and gentle demeaner creates a soothing atmosphere, ensuring our patients feel at ease and relaxed during their visits. 

Eager to expand her knowledge and expertise, Nena possesses an insatiable thirst for learning new skills and exploring various aspects of the dental industry. Her inquisitive nature is evident as she consistently seeks out opportunities to broaden her understanding by asking insightful questions.