Many people find confidence through their smile. Whitening has become a way to create a beautiful smile, working effectively to lighten stains from coffee or smoking teeth stains as well as brightening teeth that are naturally darker. Many people find themselves looking for teeth whitening services in our Newstead dental centre to achieve a younger looking smile, which we can help them gain with a range of whitening services.  

One whitening treatment we offer to our patients is Zoom! Whitening. Today we’ll be going over what happens during your Zoom! Whitening to help answer any questions you might have about the process.  

What is Zoom! Whitening 

Zoom! Is a widely popular bleaching process that can lighten the discoloration of enamel. This process works through the advanced chairside lamp which speeds up the bleaching process. Zoom! Teeth Whitening uses a solution of hydrogen peroxide which breaks down throughout this process, allowing oxygen to enter the enamel and to bleach the stained areas on your teeth. The treatment will leave you with white teeth without changing the structure of your teeth. 

Make Sure that Whitening is the Right Option for Your Teeth 

Our dentistry team will first book a consultation appointment to answer any questions you have as well as assess your teeth. This is an important dental appointment that will determine whether you’re suitable for the Zoom! Teeth Whitening service. This consultation with our dentist will allow you to discuss any teeth or gum sensitivity and reveal if this treatment will be suitable for you or not. We do require you to have had or have a recent check-up and clean before your teeth whitening treatment. If Zoom! Whitening isn’t suitable for your teeth Newstead Smiles also offer an alternative professional take home gel whitening treatment.  

The Actual Procedure

The actual whitening procedure will take up to one hour, consisting between two to four 15-minute whitening sessions in the one appointment. This may differ depending on how dark the affected areas on your teeth are, but this timeline is the most common.  

These sessions will start with an application of whitening gel onto your enamel. Our team will take care to ensure that nothing resides on your lips or gum and make sure you wear a pair of glasses as an added safety measurement for your protection. We’ll then place the Zoom! Lamp onto your teeth, this will work to activate the whitening gel and lighten any stains or darkness in your teeth. During the smaller sessions you’ll be able to sit back and relax.  

After each 15-minute session the gel is removed, and a fresh layer is applied. Immediately afterwards, a sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste-gel is applied to the teeth. Results are achieved instantly with in-chair zoom whitening treatment. 


After your treatment you’ll be sent home with a Zoom! Kit which will include a take-home maintenance kit for any touch ups that may be needed later on, this includes custom fit whitening trays, professional whitening gel and some relief gel in case of sensitivity.  

After the procedure we only ask that you avoid certain foods and beverages that cause discoloration on your teeth. We ask that you try your best not to consume foods like coffee, curry, red wine, soft drinks, artificially or naturally colored foods, etc so that your teeth can remain bright and white.  

Our team will also ask that you maintain the proper oral hygiene regimen, flossing and brushing, as this will also help to prevent stains.   If you have any questions about our Zoom! teeth whitening service, or any other teeth related queries please get in touch with our team of smile experts. If you’d like to learn more or view any before and after photos from these procedures have a browse on our website.