What To Expect On Your First Visit-newstead-smiles

Welcome to Newstead Smiles, dental done differently.  

Going to the dentist shouldn’t feel like a clinical experiment. Our brand new studio in the heart of Newstead is designed to create a soothing environment and state-of-the-art technology ensures comfort during treatments. 

Feel like you need a distraction when you’re in the dentist chair? We’ve swapped out the usual landscapes with Netflix so you can watch Schitt’s Creek whilst we add a sparkle to your smile. 

We take our work seriously but not ourselves. This is a safe space where you can speak frankly about your habits and lifestyle, without judgement, and receive the best dental advice possible. Our goal is to make you feel special and cared for from the moment you walk in. 

If you need a specific dental root canal treatment, chances are we offer it. Plus, our flexible appointments and payment plans mean that you can start smiling confidently sooner.  

That’s us, sweet and simple 🙂 

Reimagine your dental visit with Newstead Smiles. Book online or contact us today.